training on the sitecore platform

Users may require basic set-up support to become acquainted with enrolling into Sitecore, navigating menus, and saving or publishing their work, and they are here to help. If your team does not already have a dedicated toolbar, this course will allow you to construct one that incorporates the most frequently used commands. Cylogy can personalise the workplace and include it into your company’s training materials.

Updates to Sitecore may be difficult, and it may be unclear to the user what changes are involved; nonetheless, upgrades provide beneficial new features, resources, enhancements, and bug fixes, and it is critical to keep current. They give editors with an overview of the upgrading process, a new feature advisory, and a tutorial so that your team is prepared and can swiftly adjust to any process changes that may effect them when the update is done.

Process innovation is critical for keeping up with the current developments. Your team may stay busy by detailing new or updated business processes and workflow procedures suited for existing users with their specialised training on the sitecore platform.

training on the sitecore platform

Their Employees

Their training method will assist you in developing a consistent training approach with a defined plan for both new and current team members. Cylogy produces useful advice sheets for frequent new user questions, as well as employee training checklists.

It is critical to have dedicated super users who have been taught on how to construct and edit website pages at all levels. Cylogy trains your team’s super users from beginning to end to ensure they have all the necessary knowledge to build their own skills and effectiveness with the system, as well as to properly train other team members on current and future processes, allowing them to multiply the benefit of the training as they spread knowledge to a larger group.

Employees in Marketing

Their training will also teach your in-house marketing staff how to develop pages, maintain site structure, add customization, embed page content, and support attractive marketing campaigns.

Online Education

Is your crew dispersed because of the current pandemic? Are they separated geographically? That is not an issue. Cylogy provides this training online through Zoom (or your preferred conferencing programme) or in-person if needed. With the ongoing effect of COVID-19 and the reality of geographically distributed teams, it’s critical to be able to give Sitecore online training in a method that is easily accessible for your whole team, wherever they are.

By David Stanley

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