Cloud computing is the way to go for storage of data and applications. Its impact on business is never in doubt. However, not all cloud computing platforms can perfectly fit the needs and expectations of the end users, which is why you must choose carefully when deciding on the right cloud storage to adopt. One of the most outstanding cloud computing platforms that can meet your needs at any point in time is IBM Cloud. The IBM Cloud Services have been around for quite a while, though it only came to be known by that name in 2017.  The benefits it offer the end user are completely incomparable, which is why it stands a head taller than other cloud computing platforms, including those that had been in existence before it ever came to being.

The end user will have access to various plans and he is free to choose any that perfectly fits its use.  The storage options are equally numerous, some of which are:

  • Hybrid storage offering
  • Private storage offering
  • Public storage offering

As expected, the costs differ from one to another, but you will find the price to be highly affordable compared to the other cloud computing platforms around.

Additionally, the IBM Cloud Services offer the end users several control options so that the company can easily determine its level of control with the as-a-service options. The available control options on the IBM Cloud Computing Platform are:

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a service (PaaS)

What is more, you can choose any tool that fits your needs better on this platform.  There are several prebuilt tools available from the dropdown menu for building a perfect solution for the specific needs of your business organization.

What of the security features? They are among the best you can ever come by in cloud computing.  Your data can be kept secure by IBM Cloud Services via the following features:

  • API key
  • Encryption key
  • Virtual Private Cloud

Furthermore, IBM Cloud offers one of the most efficient cloud computing services ever.  The platform is very easy to access provided you have the authorization to do that.  You can access all the stored applications and data via any device connected to the internet.  It is one of the best ways to get your applications to the target market also.  With IBM Cloud, failure of or damage to your hardware will never lead to any data loss thanks to the networked backups provided by the platform.

The cost of using IBM Cloud Services is also low in fact, you may not have to pay for the service at all if you opt for the Lite Package, which is free to use and gives you access to 256 MB of cloud storage space.

By David Stanley

With the emerging technology, we do aware of the ways to gather the details of updates. To help you, I am here to tell you unknown facts with the technology. Cheers!