The demand for a decentralized Internet is about the fact that the system itself and its services are not operated by a few companies. Instead, the Internet should be operated by users and a network of independent computers and servers. The people who are demanding the decentralized Internet are aware that the central system promises several advantages. These include faster loading times and easier operation. Thus, the Internet will never be completely decentralized. A largely decentralized Internet is required that retains the advantages of the centralized system, but also ensures more data protection and net neutrality. The web3 will improve the buying journey and blockchaincan be described as a distributed registry shared among many machines in a peer-to-peer network that is discarded. If new participants join the blockchain, they take over a copy of the entire blockchain.

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Blockchains represent secure, always up-to-date directories in which digital transactions are documented reliably and in a way that is comprehensible for the participants. They are constantly being expanded chronologically and linearly. Blockchain became part of cryptocurrency developed bitcoin. It serves as a web-based, decentralized, public accounting system for all bitcoin transactions ever made.

Blockchain is proving particularly helpful in redesigning critical aspects of the current internet structure. So the most important area to decentralize is that of storing data. With many Internet-based services, you are forced to entrust your data to other companies. However, it is not uncommon for data generated in this way to be misused or stolen by hacker attacks and then reused for improper purposes. The advantage of blockchain is that users can use services without having to give up control of their data.

The domain name system, or DNS for short , would also benefit from the blockchain in that some attacks and censorship would be restricted. DNS are special servers, the IP addresses, which are used by computers but difficult to read by humans, into easy-to-read addresses. The IP addresses, which were easy to understand at the beginning of the Internet, became more and more extensive with the increasing complexity of the Internet, so that DNS was introduced as a remedy in the 1980s. DNS has now evolved into a highly centralized industry. Due to this strong centralization, attacks on the system can have major consequences, as was the case with a some attack in which sites such as Netflix, Twitter, Reddit and  were no longer accessible for users in certain regions of the some countries.

By David Stanley

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