Month: May 2019


Make Sure You Choose the Right Portable Power Bank

No matter whether you want the pocket-size battery for your mobile devices or large power bank for your laptop, the power banks are highly useful additions in your daily kit.  All the power banks given below will charge many devices, however, we all know about their main function: being ready when your mobile phone battery dies at an end of a day. It is the lifesaver for 21st century routine. Since portable chargers have now become the commonplace, they run in the opposite problem: there’re many to select from. So, we base our suggestions on the balance of the battery capacity, svelte size and safety with a lot of power reserves. Let us look at some of the best portable power banks:

Anker Power Core 20,100 bank

You might have heard about Anker, and it is the company’s top portable chargers. This comes with the huge 20,100 mAh battery, it means it can charge your phone and tablet many times before it has to recharge. It comes with the high-speed phone charging if they make use of VoltageBoost or PowerIQ. It cannot use Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technology, but still it improves your phone device when you are on a go. 

Power Bank

Mophie Powerstation

Mophie Plus XL Powerstation is the top power banks made for the iPad and iPhone, and we can say that for many reasons.  This power station has the embedded Lightning cable that you cannot lose, it charges through the Lightning cable & you can charge this wirelessly with Qi charger, thus you might have everything that you need. The 10,000 mAh powerbank has the soft fabric finish & will charge 2 devices at one time, one through 10W USBA port & another with integrated Lightning charger. Also, you will not find much use from the portable charger in case you are on an Android, though still it is possible to use USB-A port and help a friend to charge.

Xiaomi 10,000 mAh Pro

Xiaomi has a big hand in a few unexpected sectors of the technology, which includes audio & portable chargers. However, do not sleep on either, since it is something worth to check out.  The 10,000 mAh batter Power Bank provided very good results, in the terms of portability & charging potential. Whereas not the quickest charger, it can charge the Google Pixel in just 2 hours.  It is not rare for the power bank to actually come with the charging cable, however, we appreciate this one is built with a lot of care to suit the micro USB & USB-C users having the same cable, like seen earlier.


Finally, do not forget that you will have to connect with a suitable appropriate cable for charging your mobile device with. Because some power bank comes with it, but some want you to buy this separately or you can use one that you already have.


Getting remarkable followers on Instagram

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What makes it the best support?

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Things to Look for in a Search Engine Optimization Consultant

If your website does not appear on the first page of search results on Yahoo, Google or Bing, there is something wrong with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) approaches. As a website owner, you need to do better in search engine visibility. You must understand that search engine visibility is crucial in boosting site visits, which can eventually lead to increased brand awareness and higher profits.

If you lack the technical expertise to enhance your site’s search engine ranking, it is time that you consider an SEO consultant. There are many SEO consultants out there but how do you know the right one that can get you the results you need? Here are the things to look for in an SEO consultant:


In the SEO world, track record can say a lot about the consultant’s work. Track record reflects the consultant’s experience. Keep in mind that the Internet and the online marketing world, in general, have evolved and changed over the years. Search engines have also undertaken a number of updates to their algorithms.

Experience is a key factor in determining the right SEO professional. Before deciding, you should check the consultant’s portfolio. A comprehensive portfolio should show all information about previous projects and clients. With the information, you can check client feedback. These can help you make an informed decision.

SEO technique

Once you determine the experience of the consultant, you should proceed to the SEO technique. If you know the two types of SEO, you will know whom to work with. The two types of SEO are white hat and black hat. White hat is the accepted and preferred type of SEO that is recommended by Google, Yahoo and Bing. The consultant should only work with white hat SEO.

Beware of professionals using black hat SEO because the techniques can have some negative implications on ranking. The right SEO professional should clearly state the type of SEO technique they use to enhance your website.

Search Engine Optimization Consultant


There are many tools that can be used to enhance a website. The right professional should provide different tools at your disposal. It is a bonus point choosing a company with many tools but you have to learn which tools require extra payment.

Cost or pricing

SEO does not need to be expensive. The right professional offers affordable search engine optimization work. Aside from the cost, you should also check the payment structure. While you are at it, you need to check if there are extra charges that may not be included as part of the initial costs.

Money back guarantee

Speaking of the cost or pricing, it is a good thing to look for a consultant that offers a money back guarantee. Money back guarantee is an indicator that the professional is confident. Also, the money back guarantees also offer some sort of security and peace of mind.

Final words

Keep in mind that a good SEO consultant will help you get on the path to making hundreds if not thousands of dollars every month. For this reason, it is crucial that you choose and narrow down your search carefully. Before you decide, you need to ask relevant questions. If you give it time, you will surely find a partner that is right for your business.