Apex Legends The Ultimate Shooter Game

Battle Royale games require a lot of effort even from the most talented players; skill, patience and good communication are what players are required to have while playing a battle royale game. Well, Apex Legends the newest addition to this genre of battle royale is nothing less, it is more challenging, requires team play and is free-to-play. If you are looking for some exciting gameplay then downloading Apex legends free PC won’t be a bad option. However, if you are new to Apex legends or are in no mood of losing right in the beginning, then here are a few tips that can help you get started.

Tips to get started

  • Always stay with your squad- Sticking to the squad is the most important tip for any shooter based gameplay. In apex legends’ staying close to your teammates is all the more crucial. You will fare well in a fight as a team that you will alone. So don’t just break away from your team in the beginning.
  • Communicate-The most important part of the free-to-play game apex legends is communication. Also, the game makes communication easier without even uttering a word. The game has a ping system, through which you can mark spots on the map to call out the enemy by just aiming. If you see an enemy at a distance, then just tag them or if you see a weapon that you don’t need but your teammates do then just mark it.

Apex Legends The Ultimate Shooter Game

  • Know the game legends- Apex legends have eight different characters, each having distinct abilities, try them all and see which is best for your style. Doing this is important so that you have a backup when someone else picks your legend and you will also be able to deal with your enemy easily as you will know each character well.
  • Choose the team well- The characters of apex legends are distinct, so think carefully while choosing your squad. Choosing a well-balanced team is needed to play the game well.
  • Know the map carefully- Mastering the apex legends map is important and choosing the right spot is what is required to be successful in the game. Always aim to get good loot and at the start aim for an area that is less populated. Also, while scanning the map, be sure to keep the icons in mind.
  • Slide when required- Apex legends let you slide when required to take advantage of this and slid down slopes, stairs and hills to save yourself from a firefight.
  • Use holstering- When your gun is holstered you will run faster, so use this speed boost for escaping a firefight or a closing circle.

Like most of the battle royale games, the game of apex legends has a lot to learn before actually playing it. You can find out more by visiting its official website or you can go through apex legends guide on the web to get a few handy tips.

By David Stanley

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