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  • Buy CSGO Accounts in All Ranks and Variations You can buy CSGO accounts in various tiers, including High Hours, Private Rank 2 (PR2), Medal Accounts (PR40), CSGO Overwatch Enabled Accounts, and Silver One. Buy Valorant Accounts soon!
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  • Delivery in a flash With our automated email delivery system, each Account is sent to you immediately via email. With the original email address and CD key, we provide accounts.
  • Accounts with Prime Status in CSGO are known as CSGO Prime Accounts. Players with CSGO Accounts for Sale are only matched against other Prime Status users in all game modes. Weekly item drops, XP, and Competitive Skill Groups are all available to Prime members. Only CSGO Prime Account holders are eligible to receive these benefits. Prime Status can only be purchased in-game or through the Steam Store by players.

In CS, climbing the ranks is difficult: GO, which has the potential to ruin the game completely. When you purchase CSGO Prime accounts from us, you will immediately get the rank you want.

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